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Let me tell you about Gina Torres. First off she is a beautiful woman. Number two, what a fantastic person. Salt of the earth. And she can cook. Everything you want her to be on TV - that is what she is like but more so. I adore her. I’m always amazed at the character she plays because the character she plays is the consumate soldier, she is so tough but manages to clinch the ‘don’t mess around with me’ vibe without acting the least bit mannish. I love that she is strong and vibrant and beautiful and feminine. - Nathan Fillion

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Alan Rickman in The Barchester Chronicles [1982]

Alan Rickman in The Barchester Chronicles [1982]

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ELIE SAAB Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Part 1

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Losing someone is not necessarily immediate. It will happen one memory at a time, until you can’t be sure that the person truly existed.
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Improv as an actor makes you present in the moment. You listen, you’re attentive. You’re not acting so much as reacting, which is what you’re doing in life all the time.
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